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Commercial Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation Services

The installation of an irrigation system for your property will ensure that it gets the right amount of water. Overwatering can cause irreversible damage. Our team at Edgewood Landscape will guide you from start to finish on your irrigation system installation. Our experienced team of contractors will assess your site and recommend the right type of irrigation to keep your landscape looking great based on your design plans! Rely on the Edgewood Landscape experts to Design and Install.  

Unusually high-water bills, pooling of water and dying plant material all are signs that your irrigation system is struggling.  Taking the time to have your system evaluated will help ensure your system is working properly and protect the investment you made in your landscaping.  

Edgewood Landscape provides industry-leading installation, troubleshooting, repair, and system maintenance.  Our team of experts is equipped to handle all of your irrigation needs.

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